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Retirement Planning

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The Strategies of Retirement Planning

No matter where you are in your career journey, it's a good time for retirement planning. Whether you're thinking about downscaling your work hours, retiring, or are already retired, it's never too early — or late — to prepare. At Cummings Wealth Management, we have strategies to help you.

401(k) and IRA Planning

Decades ago, skilled workers looked forward to income from a pension. Nowadays, many pension plans have been replaced by self-funded plans.

IRA and 401(k) plans have annual maximum contribution limits, so you must consider the tax-advantaged options available. Our advisors can help you with tax and savings strategies for Roth IRA conversions, 401(k) contributions and more.

Risk Management

As retirement gets closer, it's good to focus on income and preserving capital. However, your risk tolerance also factors into your investment decisions. We can help you with advanced investment strategies to balance your risk perspective with your goals.

Withdrawal Strategies

Your retirement income plan likely has many facets. Social Security benefits, long-term care, charitable giving, and income for daily living — it's a lot to think about. We can analyze your cash flow by reviewing income sources, savings, and expenses to create a withdrawal strategy that meets your needs.

Let Cummings Wealth Management Assist With Your Retirement Planning

At Cummings Wealth Management, we understand the challenges of saving for retirement. Call us today at 772-222-0010 to get started on your retirement planning strategy.

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