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Estate Planning

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Making the Most of Your Legacy

Estate planning is essential in preparing for your future, regardless of age. Though it may be challenging to think about your legacy or you believe you have years before you need to consider it, preparing now gives you and your beneficiaries peace of mind should the unthinkable occur unexpectedly. Cummings Wealth Management can assist you with devising strategies that allow you to make the most of your legacy.

What Is Involved in Estate Planning

Though drawing up a will is a critical element of a solid estate plan, it isn’t the only aspect involved in estate planning. Our advisors work with you to develop your legacy goals and how to best meet them. We consider strategies that reduce estate and inheritance taxes so your heirs receive the greatest financial benefits. We focus on developing the following:

Charitable Giving

Power of Attorney

Fiduciary Services



Part of the planning process also involves revealing your wishes for healthcare needs and end-of- life decisions and naming someone to make financial and care decisions for you should you become incapacitated.

Why Is Planning Necessary?

By taking appropriate measures, you can reduce the stress and financial burdens for your loved ones and ensure your wishes are followed. Without documentation, the state determines how to allocate your assets upon your passing. Additionally, you can take steps to reduce how much your beneficiaries pay in taxes on their inheritance.

Let Cummings Wealth Management help you make the most of what you leave behind. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

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